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Our company was founded on a very basic principle: Business should be conducted on a personal level with a professional approach. Clients should be not only our livelihood, but also our inspiration.Read More

Why Us?

Our company was founded on a very basic principle: Business should be conducted on a personal level with a professional approach. Clients should be not only our livelihood, but also our inspiration. Services should be performed ethically, thoroughly, and in a manner that reflects pride and appreciation for the level of trust placed in us.

In keeping with that idea, our hosting service is second to none. We provide support for platforms no other host can offer. We're available for support via telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. We automatically back up your website files and databases daily! We will even update your WordPress-powered websites' plugins, themes, and platform versions, optimize your database, delete spam comments, and remove old post revisions at the end of every week as a premium addon to your hosting package (optional)!


We offer each of our clients automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups. For our clients with WordPress-powered websites and blogs, we go a step further and keep you totally up to date!
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We offer each of our clients automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups. For our clients with WordPress-powered websites and blogs, we go a step further and keep you totally up to date with the latest releases of your installed plugins and themes as well as upgrading your WordPress version -- all without you lifting a finger.

The integrity of our server and the security of your account are our utmost priority. Enjoy security patches and personal customer care to keep your website running with the highest level of performance, speed, and uptime available!


Access your account details quickly and easily, submit support tickets, and contact us with questions or requests by logging into your client panel.
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    • Silver
    • $100 annually
    • 25GB bandwidth and 5GB web storage.
    • 3 Domains (addons available)
    • Dedicated IP $5/mo
    • Fully managed
    • Silver+ available, $125
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    • Gold
    • $150 annually
    • 75GB bandwidth and 10GB web storage.
    • 7 Domains (addons available)
    • Dedicated IP $4/mo
    • Fully managed
    • Gold+ available, $175
    • Buy Now
    • Enterprise
    • $515 annually
    • 750GB bandwidth, unl web storage & domains.
    • FREE Dedicated IP
    • SSL Certificate*
    • Fully Managed w/ VIP Tech Support
    • Enterprise+ available, $720
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  • Open or CloseTERMS OF SERVICEOpen or Close

    The rules are simple -- abide by the terms below and you won't have a care in the world. Disregard or violate them and you may start to feel some pain ;) No, seriously if you are found to be in violation of any of the terms of service we will do our best to help you get back in compliance. Unless you're doing something illegal (you aren't planning on doing anything illegal, are you??) you never have to worry about your account being suspended or terminated unless you absolutely refuse to work with us to get back on track!

    01. We've covered this but it is worth mentioning again. Don't use our server to house a website that engages in ANY form of illegal activity. This is the one and only violation that will result in immediate suspension and/or termination of your account.

    02. We are not a file backup system. What does this mean? Your web storage is meant to be purchased solely for the purpose of supporting the files necessary for the operation of your website. Images, files, attachments, and other forms of multimedia are acceptable in any capacity so long as they are directly associated with your website and do not exceed your plan's allotment. In short, don't upload 12 years of family photos to your account for safekeeping and expect us not to notice :)

    03. Do not send spam, host or distribute malware, or knowingly and willingly engage in practices that are meant to hack or compromise the security of any website, on or off of our server. If you do, we will blow up your website with a digi-grenade. Ok, so digi-grenades don't exist. But your website will disappear just the same. This does NOT apply to clients who become the victims of hacking or other malicious attacks. We will work with you to regain the security of your account and take steps to maintain the integrity of your files and databases.

    04. Each hosting tier has its own specific resource allotment. A client will be permitted to remain on their current tier as long as they do not utilize over 125% of their resources for three months during any 12 month rotating period. Accounts are reviewed quarterly and clients will be notified if upgrades are necessary. By using our service, you agree to undergo periodic plan upgrades as your account's resource requirements increase.

    05. We support the protection of intellectual property. Your account may become subject to suspension and/or termination in the event that a trademark claim is filed against you for violation of a valid, registered trademark or service mark or if your account is found to be engaged in the practice of duplicating content proven to be lifted from a website not owned or operated by you or your agent. Don't steal. It's not nice.

    06. 99% Uptime Guarantee: If your account is inaccessible for more than 1% of any given calendar month, you will receive credit to your account equal to one month of service. No questions asked, no catches. We promise :)

    07. Make sure that your client billing portal account always has an active, up to date email address associated with it. We will not be held accountable for loss of data resulting from termination of your account due to nonpayment if we are unable to deliver your invoices. It is your responsibility to know when your account is due for renewal and to ensure that renewal occurs within 10 days of your account's expiration. We are good about working with our clients and if you need additional time, just drop us an email and let us know. We're easy!

    08. We want your transition to our hosting service to be an easy one. All annual packages include migration to our servers from any hosting provider at no cost to you. Non-annual packages include cPanel migration ONLY. Manual migration for non-cPanel accounts are billed at a rate of $0 for the first gigabyte transferred and $10 for each gigabyte thereafter. Please be advised that we do not guarantee the transfer of email for ANY migration, although tyipically there will be no email loss in cPanel migrations.

    09. Cancellation of services 60+ days after purchase will not be eligible for refund of fees paid. You may, however, receive account credit for other services provided by eDP Admin and/or eDesign-Pro Company. Refunds for cancellations processed within 60 days of purchase will be processed within 45 days of account termination and will be prorated from the day following termination.

    NOTE: Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. ANY violation our Terms of Service will waive the refund policy.

    10. We reserve the right to modify our rates at our discretion. In the event that your package or plan rate changes, you will be notified in writing within 14 business days. If you have purchased a package with a locked-in rate, the new rate will become effective upon expiration of your guaranteed rate plan. Our rates will always be competitive in nature, but we've got to make a living, too, right?

    11. These terms may (and probably will) change ever so often, with or without notice. If you're interested in being aware if we start requiring your first born to continue service, you should probably come back here to check these from time to time ;)

HOSTING INQUIRY: Give Us a Snapshot :)

Fill in the form below with a few details about your current setup and we'll get back to you for a consultation to help you decide what plan is right for your individual needs! Don't worry about what you don't know -- just include what you can & we'll go from there :)


Our packages vary in many ways, but there are several features that come standard with every plan:

  • Fully managed: Your hosting account is constantly monitored and managed to perform optimally on our servers
  • WordPress platform support: We specialize in WordPress hosting and as such, we ensure that your platform, plugins, and themes are up to date and that your site files and databases are backed up daily.
  • Customer support: Confused? Broke something? Need a little assistance? Our knowledgable and experienced team are here to get you through the bad times quickly so that you can enjoy ... whatever it is that you do.
  • Google Apps integration: Are you accustomed to Gmail and the suite of web applications Google offers? We will integrate those with your domain so that you can use it to power Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Sites, and Chat as well as a host of other services like YouTube and Google Plus!
  • Dedicated IP & SSL Certificates: Available on most hosting plans -- the top tiers enjoy these features at no additional cost!
  • Affliate program: Refer your friends and family and earn bonus cash payouts!

eDesign-Pro is so much more than hosting which becomes an asset to YOU as we have the know-how to support you in every way possible.


Don't miss a thing -- we offer special pricing on hosting, design packages, support, and more throughout the year. Don't be caught a day late on the deal YOU needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a shared hosting company?
Technically, yes. You are on a server with several other websites, but we are not a typical/traditional shared hosting company nor do we offer typical/traditional shared hosting plans. Our clients are on very powerful dedicated servers which are never loaded with more websites than each server can support with half of its resources on average. This ensures that we are able to withstand peak surges without sacrificing performance or uptime.
How are you different from other web hosts?
Our company is independently owned and operated by an experienced WordPress and design expert, which means our clients receive support in one place for a vast array of services. Not only do we offer premium support and assistance packages but because we understand the ins and outs of the platforms that power your online presence, our team is able to quickly and efficiently detect and resolve issues often before they interfere with your service.
What are your server monitoring policies?
Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each of our servers have eight CPU available. Our monitoring systems check every 3 minutes to determine the current load average and immediately notify our admins when any of our servers are using 5 or more of the available CPU so that we are able to keep an eye on the behavior of running processes and prevent overload from occurring. Most hosting companies do not begin to resolve an issue until contacted by the client and informed that there are performance issues or downtime. Our admins begin working on issues long before our clients are aware and in turn often resolve issues without accounts experiencing any affects at all. To go a step further, when our clients DO experience connectivity or performance issues, they generally can immediately get information by visiting our Facebook page, which we post to as soon as problems arise and continue to update until resolution is finalized to keep everyone informed.
Do you have references?
Of course! Our testimonials are readily available and all of our prospective clients are more than welcome to request direct references as well.

Payment Method

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal payments. All payments are securely processed through our PayPal Business Merchant Account. Click here for payment instructions.


  • eDesign-Pro celebrated 8 years of business in January 2013!
  • Our web hosting division has maintained a 100% client satisfaction rate since 2008.

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